Give an Angel is moving to Polygon!

We’re excited to announce that Give an Angel will be integrating with Polygon!

While Ethereum is a powerful blockchain development platform, downsides such as high gas fees and scalability issues have determined Give an Angel to seek a stronger alternative, while also maintaining Ethereum compatibility and security.

Polygon is a protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Give an Angel strongly believes that appealing Polygon features such as scalability and interoperability will help us provide a better product for our users.

Integrating with Polygon will make all token-related activities much quicker, more secure and easier for users. This will allow for significantly lower transaction fees and an overall improved platform experience.

Our mission to spread kindness around the world must be achieved with the greatest ease possible and we are confident this move will help us achieve our goal.

Meanwhile, keep up with our journey on social media:

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Give an Angel

Give an Angel

Give an Angel will be a social media app on which people post their good deeds and they get rewarded for them in Angels, our tokens.