The Give an Angel Platform. A unique mix of good deeds, social media and blockchain.

With a Private Sale of ANGELs at $0,015 per token coming to an end, a new crypto ecosystem plans on saving the world one good deed at a time.

Key Token Metrics

Token Type: ERC-20

Handle: ANGEL

Total Supply: 8.618.349.489 (mintable in 10 years)

ANGELs distributed for Private Sale:

Price per ANGEL: $0,015

Fully Diluted Market Cap: $129.275.242

In an attempt to motivate people to reach out to those in need, we found the means right under our noses.

We turned angels into tokens, like buttons into Wings, and your good deed into an operational reward.

The ANGEL token

At the date of publishing this article (December 2021), 7,875B ANGELs were already minted and ready to be used.

The plan, however, is to have released into circulation 8.618.349.489 ANGELs by 2031 — the same year that predicts a total of 8.618.349.489 people on Earth.


Of course not. The number of tokens put into circulation reflects the philosophy of our platform:

Everybody deserves their own guardian angel.

And 2031 will be the year the gates close.

Although it is a utility token, you can operate with ANGELs inside and outside the app for:

  • receiving access to certain features in the platform
  • donations
  • obtaining discounts and exclusive products and services from our partners
  • in-app purchases, such as challenge access tickets, charitable concerts tickets, etc.
  • exchanges

The Give an Angel Ecosystem

Give an Angel is a blockchain-based social media platform — something like “the common room” for the people wanting to help and contribute to social causes.

Here, people share their good deeds through content.

How does it work?

  • You make a post when you help someone.
  • You attach proof to this post.
  • You receive token rewards instantly.

But what’s considered a good deed?

We define good deeds as voluntary actions that contribute to the wellbeing of others, be it just one person.

It doesn’t have to be big, says our Guardian of Angels, Alina Anton.

“Although one good deed may be considered small, it helps and inspires others to do better. Say, today I help an old lady cross the road, someone could see my post and decide to, perhaps, help their neighbor, and so on. It’s a chain of events that can lead to greater accomplishments.”

Gamifying Kindness

Our mission is to diffuse these thoughts:

‘Will the rewards equal my efforts?’

‘I’m sure others can do a better job at helping than I can. So I’ll let them do it.’

‘We come from different communities. That’s none of my business.’

And make helping others a fun activity through incentives and challenges.

The heavy winged posts

Since we’re striving to engage our community, we thought to ourselves, ‘Hmm, … we should add more buttons.’

So we worked on a system similar to social media. On Facebook, you receive likes and reactions to a post — on Give an Angel, you receive Wings. Or Shares, Comments, Reports, and Votes (during competitions).

The heavy winged posts (the posts that receive many ‘Wings’) attract more Angels to your side.

Showing up for challenges

Give an Angel can organize an event. Or someone else can organize an event in collaboration with us.

You can find the events near you, participate and get rewards.

Gain a reputation

Your activity on Give an Angel won’t be solely rewarded with tokens but also with gaining a saint-like reputation.

Should you get involved in as many charitable endeavors as possible, your member status will shift upwards, and you’ll even have the chance to be crowned as Archangel*.

*The mechanics of becoming an Archangel are still debated by our team, since we require more insights into how the community interacts with the platform.

People are not ignorant. It’s their mind that isn’t trained to do good.

We plan to overwrite the ‘helping others’ system using a recent tool that’s engaging increasingly more people each day.

And perhaps, in the future, kindness will become a habit we’ll all be “guilty” of having.

Join our Telegram groups for finding out details about our Private Sale and updates regarding our progress: @giveanangelofficial (EN) @giveanangelro (RO).



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Give an Angel

Give an Angel

Give an Angel will be a social media app on which people post their good deeds and they get rewarded for them in Angels, our tokens.